PROMISES, PROMISES

Trump keeps making promises on what he plans to do.
No matter what the pressures, he insists he will pursue
The welfare of the people that by evidence is backed
And separates opinions from the undisputed fact.

For example on our border I m sure you will recall
That the time is overdue for us to build a mighty wall.
Moreover Trump assures us that the Mexicans will pay --
Though on building and on payment there has been a slight delay.

He’s made it clear that he won’t rest until the Congress kills
A program that’s been paying lots of health insurance bills.
It’s not so much the price tag that he finds too much to bear,
But he can’t abide a project that they call Obamacare.

To drain the swamp in Washington was high upon his list.
The use of inside leverage he swore he would resist.
Yet the biggest corporations were the ones he treated best.
 And do Trump himself and family really pass the ethics test?

Once there was a time when U.S. policy abroad
Was agreed upon by allies in a climate of accord.
But when promises are made by Trump and Pompeo and Barr
To believe that global leadership will follow is bizarre.

He respects the military, loves to boast about its might.
It’s too bad so many generals he thinks are less than bright.
And you had to be quite stupid, when all is said and done
To fight in Vietnam or be killed in World War One.

On coronavirus he didn’t want to sound uncouth
So lies we had to live with, for we couldn’t face the truth.
Is this the way a President should spare his people pain,
And keep his promise to America to make us great again?

Posted on Sunday, September 13, 2020 (Archive on Saturday, June 10, 2023)



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