THE OTHER CONVENTION           

The Republican convention is completed, it is done,
And though I follow politics, I didn’t find it fun.
“Build the Wall” In 2016 had been their major scheme.
Now it’s back to “Law and Order” as their never-ending theme.

Joe Biden, they insisted, has been captured by the left.
Of moderating forces he was totally bereft.
And even if his party were not socialist at heart
Of the governmental “Deep State” he had always been a part.

To make Trump seem more likeable his family played their role
He’s a really splendid fellow, warm and loving on the whole.
However, there’s no mention of that disappointing niece
Who wrote a tell-all book upsetting everybody’s peace).

To cap it all dear Donald was a truly crashing bore.
He talked for sixty minutes and then twenty minutes more
Though in the realm of long orations he’s not in Castro’s class
And when it comes to language skills he hardly earns a simple pass.  

 His reviews were mostly negative, then came this fantasy:
A looter’s plane, he said, had aimed to hit the GOP.
It’s a most disturbing notion, but I fear we have to know
This delusionist will lead us with at least four months to go.

Posted on Friday, September 04, 2020 (Archive on Thursday, June 01, 2023)



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