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                        THE PUTIN FACTOR

Putin claims he speaks with total candor
When he says he wants to make it very clear
He was nothing but an innocent by-stander
In our 2016 presidential year..

Trump declared that he believed him,
Talk of Russian intervention was a hoax
Created by the Deep State to deceive him
And kept alive by late nite comics’ jokes.

For Putin Trump has only approbation,
The Group of 7 ought to be the Group of 8.
He envies how he runs the Russian nation
With a minimum of critics of the state.

The KGB’s the place where Putin started
Whose modus operandi is designed
To ensure the party line will be imparted
 To critics with an independent mind.

Moreover Russia’s system now is suited
To corruption and to truly massive greed
Which by oligarchs is regularly looted --
With Putin and his family in the lead.

So it’s clear the answer has to be emphatic
On why Trump and Putin seem to have a bond:
Authoritarian as well as plutocratic
Of too much power and money both are fond.

And very soon we’ll find this combination tested
In November they’ll be trying once again.
So it’s vital that their plans should be arrested
If democracy we’re hoping to retain.

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2020 (Archive on Sunday, May 14, 2023)



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