THE DONALD TRUMP IMPERIAL BRIGADE

 It’s the time to end the veto
Of our being incognito
The case for law and order must be made
In the past it wasn’t needed
But now it must be heeded
We’re the Donald Trump Imperial Brigade.

Politicians who are local
Started being very vocal
In protesting all this presidential aid.
When the times were so eventful
It’s too bad they were resentful
Of the Donald Trump Imperial Brigade.

We’ll use tactics regimental
Which aren’t always very gentle
To ensure the rights of property won’t fade
For everyone’s affected
If billionaires are not protected
By the Donald Trump Imperial Brigade.

When the President was younger
Though for action he would hunger
His bone spur undermined him, I’m afraid.
Now he leads the military
With the mob as adversary
Of the Donald Trump Imperial Brigade.

Some try to cause him trouble
Say he’s Mussolini’s double
When his chin is elevated on parade
But this touch of a dictator
Only serves to make him greater
In the Donald Trump Imperial Brigade

Don’t consider it a pity
If he sends us to your city
To ensure a show of force can be displayed
We’re not at all fascistic
Simply anti-terroristic
We’re the Donald Trump Imperial Brigade.

Posted on Sunday, August 02, 2020 (Archive on Saturday, April 29, 2023)



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