In April, 2018, I wrote a blog headlined: OH, NO: PLEASE NOT BOLTON!

Indeed, John Bolton, an arch-right-wing reactionary, had been appointed Trump’s

National Security Advisor.

            Fortunately the relationship didn’t work out, for in September, 2019,

Bolton was fired.

          But that was not the end of the Bolton controversy. In June, 2020, he

published his tell-all memoir. House Democrats were irritated  that he had refused to

testify at their impeachment trial. Even so his revelations appeared to confirm their case

against Trump – and then some.

We knew, for example, that Trump is remarkably uninformed:

On geo-politics, said Bolton, Trump just can’t tell friend from foe
That Britain has the bomb it seems he simply didn’t know.
He thinks that Finland’s part of Russia which I hasten to relate
Was once a fact but now is quite completely out of date.

On the scandalous proposal that would damage Biden’s case,
Said Bolton: Trump’s behavior was an absolute disgrace.
Not only was Ukraine required to play the shoddy game,
But China’s Comrade Xi was also asked to do the same.

The Democrats were pleased to have their charges all sustained
And yet they had a question that annoyingly remained:
heir data for impeachment their opponents could deny
If Bolton hadn’t told them he’d refuse to testify.

The reason was apparent when the papers broke the news
A tell-all, book was coming out which caused him to refuse
To do his civic duty and temptation to ignore
When publishers had offered him two million bucks or more.

Still, when all is said and done I can conclude this sordid tale
With two consequences showing that the system didn’t fail.
Global tensions are alarming, but some skirmishes apart,
Another war was something that we somehow didn’t start

The other quite compelling fact from Bolton that we find
Is the verdict on the presidential competence and mind.
In the past there still were pundits who denounced the critics’ list,
But after Bolton it is clear that only idiots persist.



Posted on Friday, June 26, 2020 (Archive on Thursday, March 23, 2023)



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