Race riots could be used to get elected --
Think of Nixon back in 1968..
A mob attacking business unprotected
Would determine any politician's fate.

So in 2020 when a black man was arrested
By an officer who choked his life away
It’s not surprising that the system should be tested
With turbulence and angry disarray.

Said Trump I’ll always stand for law and order
That’s the message that I Tweet repeatedly.
I have used my troops to seal our nation’s border.
They will save us now in Washngton, D.C

From the White House he marched forth with all his minions
To a church where he’d exhibit his command
With a photo op reviewed by many millions
Holding up the Bible in his hand.

Yet the consequence instead of  commendation
Proved to be a very different type indeed
For generals condemned the escalation
To riot troops they never saw the need.                                                 

So it’s time to call for basic reassessing
The mood on race is different from the past.
The reality is more than simply guessing
Systemic change is happening at last.

Police reform must clearly be effected
And there’s something else that surely must be done:
From the White House all the current group ejected
In January twenty-twenty-one.

Posted on Tuesday, June 09, 2020 (Archive on Monday, March 06, 2023)



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