To Your Health!
To Your Health!


Make America great again, the President keeps pleading
Buut in one respect I’m fearing that the prospect is receding.
We’re in a deadly struggle with a gross coronavirus
And I doubt that our behavior offers reasons to admire us.

For it’s one thing to insist that people stay away from working
Because of deadly peril that the data say is lurking.
But the message we’ve been sending calls for much too much endurance:
“You’ve lost your job? That means that you have lost your health insurance.”

They say that come what may they will always stand behind you
With many public programs, as I hardly need remind you.
But none of these can match the program you’ve relinquished
Connected with the workplace that for now has been extinguished

By contrast there’s the system that the British have created
A National Health Service with a purpose clearly stated:
From the cradle to the grave, by one principle it’s guided:
Ability to pay willl not affect how it’s provided.

Though the British Labour leaders were the NHS creators
The Conservatives today are among its advocators.
Moreover in the current world more countries have decided
Good health care is a human right and publicly provided.

Nonetheless our GOP rejects this kind of model
As a centralizing, anti-freedom, case of molly-coddle.
They even think Obamacare, for all its limitations
Will move us to the vanguard of the socialistic nations.

So fifty times or more they voted for its abolition
Yet somehow it continues to survive their wrecking mission.
Moreover what has happened in this time of  cruel crisis
We’ve considered once again what for health the proper price is.

Should we build upon Obamacare or something more far-reaching?
Here’s the only thing I’m certain our experience is  teaching:
That greatness for America will always be denied us
While the right to decent health care continues to divide us.

Posted on Monday, May 25, 2020 (Archive on Sunday, February 19, 2023)



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