Are you worried by the virus? Are you frightened and confused?
Are there top decision-makers who you think should be accused?
Well, indeed  there is a leader you may rightfully resent,
He’s none other than the fellow who’s our current President.

You’ll recall that Trump denied that there was danger at the start.
The  coronavirus danger very quickly would depart.
Then it didn’t; but undaunted he assumed a different role
As a medication expert he would take us to our goal.

To begin with he kept pushing for a cure  that rang  his bell.
It had worked to cure malaria, so why not this as well?
When the experts called it nonsense he changed his mind and said
He had some others nostrums he could call upon instead

“Suppose we hit the body with an ultraviolet light”
He suggested that the virus would be beaten in the fight.
Well, that may prove to be quite possible, unfortunately though
How many years to get it done we simply do not know.

Then he talks of disinfectant, says no obstacle remains--
A simple matter surely to inject into our veins.
But those who manufacture any products of this sort
Warn us that injection is a danger to be fought

So put them all together and the ideas he suggests
Don’t seem to follow principles on which all science rests.
Commonsense and logic his proposals clearly lack.
As with all his other policies, the President’s a quack.

Posted on Monday, May 04, 2020 (Archive on Sunday, January 29, 2023)



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