If you’re a politician this is not a happy time
Te be practicing your methods of persuasion.
You had policies on housing, and on energy and crime,
But not on contraviralist invasion.

What of Donald Trump? He says that he will “call the shots”
The governors aren’t part of the solution.
But if that’s what you believe you will tie yourself in knots
I can’t find it in the U.S. Constitution.

Civil servants are a species he will constantly deride.
\Inspectors-General are subject to removal.
So any change in policy will always be denied
Until Fox and Jared Kushner give approval.

Bolsonaro in Brazil declares that none of this is dire,
All the planning for catastrophe is twaddle.
Yet he also doesn’t worry when his forests are on fire
And Trump believes he ought to be our model.

When the virus came to Britain it did not discriminate,
Boris Johnson was quite personally battered.
Brexit he’d believed would be the key to Britain’s fate,
Then he learned it’s not the only thing that mattered.

In Israel the Haredi stayed together when they prayed
Which created a precarious condition
For in politics they feature in a game that’s being played:
Netanyahu needs them for his coalition.

We had conquered past pandemics, disease was on the run
And with science we had methods to inspire us,
Yet we found that Mother Nature with her weapons wasn’t done
With this nasty, most annoying little virus.

Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 (Archive on Monday, January 09, 2023)



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