It came from farthest China, not a typical export.
It was totally unwanted; undesirable and fraught.
Coronavirus was its title, covid 19 some prefer,
But no matter what they called it, it was something to deter.

In country after country drastic remedies were posed.
To all intents and purposes Italy was closed.
And soon it was apparent though the distances were vast
The virus would be landing in the USA at last.

All eyes were on the White House, in our system it’s the peak
For in any time of crisis our President must speak.
Well, in this dreadful moment Donald Trump was heard to say
Relax, don’t be alarmed, this little fuss will go away.

That is how we were all counseled by the President, and then
He gave himself a rating, fully ten marks out of ten.
But in the light of what has happened even he cannot ignore
The fact that he should settle for a rather lower score

For suddenly in every state the virus struck with zest
And many who were falling sick could not secure a test.
Schools and stores were closed, and this advice we must embrace:
"Wash your hands repeatedly and keep them from your face.”

For Trump all this was irksome. quite upsetting, even dire,
But something else was needed his attention to inspire. 
At last his hopes for quick improvement were very clearly dashed
When the stocks that kept the market up calamitously crashed.

Thereupon he got the message and his rhetoric was bold.
An emergency existed ‘til the virus was controlled.
Even then on many issues that pertained to patient care
He considered them a state and not a federal affair.

It’s fortunate that very soon we have a chance to act
And choose the kind of leadership that we have sorely lacked
For not only may the crisis that we’re facing long persist
The problems of the future make a truly fearsome list.

I hardly need to name them, though to Trumpists they seem strange,
What once was global warming is now known as climate change.
And I fear coronavirus is a warning loud and clear
That our planet can’t sustain us in the way we’re living here.

Posted on Sunday, March 22, 2020 (Archive on Saturday, December 17, 2022)



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