Presidents, by the nature of their office, must be the nation’s prime communicator. Donald Trump employs two principal media: rallies for his base, and for a considerably larger audience, a flurry of Tweets. (In the second half of 2019 he tweeted an average of 28 Tweets a day to an alleged 50 million followers (though this probably includes many fakes).

Many of the claims made in these Tweets were spurious. And early in 2020 they caused a particular problem for Attorney-General William Barr, who had been a faithful defender of Trump’s policies but now complained that he couldn’t do hia job against a constant background of Trump’s tweeting, especially in relation to some cases currently before the courts involving former Trumo aides.

In early 20/20 came a problem unexpected 
Trump’s musings seemed to send Barr’s plans askew.
So Barr complained with fervor he was bound to be affected,
All those tweetings meant his job he couldn’t do.

For Barr had done his best to give the President protection
From the facts the Mueller document made clear,
And he argued that the Russian role in Donald Trump’s election
Was a totally nonsensical idea.

So when Barr declared in public he was feeling rather harassed
By the pressure from each presidential tweet
You would think that Trump would be a least a little bit embarrassed
And would undertake a limited retreat.

Of course this didn’t happen, Barr received no strong endorsement,
And in the fight to keep Trump’s crooked buddies free
The President declared that when it comes to law enforcement
The governmental leader must be me.

Two thousand former staffers then expressed their indignation
Said that Trump was very clearly out of line.
The time had come for justice to receive some affirmation 
.And the head of the department should resign.

But that was in the middle of the month of February
The Attorney-General still is William Barr.
I fear his reputation he most certainly will bury
As the situation grows still more bizarre.

For it isn’t only those who by Trump have been anointed
And included in the governmental  cast.
Judges, even jurors, with whose views he’s disappointed
Are the targets of a presidential blast.

Democracy is more than just a system of mass voting.
It equally demands the rule of law,
And until we learn to stop him we may find that we are quoting
The rule of Donald Trump and nothing more.

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2020 (Archive on Thursday, November 24, 2022)



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