So the fourth impeachment in American history moves ahead in
the House, reinforced by the derision of satirists. Andy Borowitz opines that “Trump gets note from podiatrist exempting him from impeachment.”
The Onion  offers arguments against impeachment: “Unfairly punishes Americans who specifically voted for a criminal President’; and “Could set dangerous precedent of impeaching every president who obstructs justice.”

          Satirists, of course, are still protected by the First

Amendment. Some of the witnesses testifying before the House

may feel more exposed. Nonetheless there were penetrating

indictments of administration malfeasance from ousted Ukraine

Ambassador Marie Yovanovich; from   Fiona Hill, top Russian

specialist on the National Security Council; and – to the particular

ire of Fox News --from Colonel Alexander Vindman:

 Colonel Vindman came to Congress, gave impressive testimony
Contradicting what the White House had declared.
Fox News, however, told us he was nothing but a phony.
Despite his Purple Heart he wasn’t spared.

 In fact they spread the story that instead of admiration
The time has come to make it very plain
That even though he claims to be devoted to our nation
He could be a spy who’s working for Ukraine.

 Though I know we’re in an age in which the lie’s a standard tactic And commonplace throughout the Internet.
I would rather be accused of being boring and didactic
Than declare the truth’s impossible to get.

 So even though the House will surely act on the decision
Impeachment in the Senate’s doomed to fail,
Yet I still believe in face of all the Fox and Trump derision
The truth as told by Vindman will prevail.

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2019 (Archive on Sunday, August 21, 2022)



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