THE PEOPLE, MAYBE

           The natural environment for satire is democracy. So the outlook for satire seemed to be propitious after the overthrow of the Iron Curtain just thirty years ago. Unhappily, according to various international rating systems, the prospects for democracy have lately declined sadly. I have commented on this trend repeatedly in this blog, particularly with respect to absurd developments in the U.S. and the U.K. But the damage goes well beyond those two countries.  

However could we do it? How tumble so far down?
Whatever made our voters choose this gross and stupid clown?
There are others whose performance we’d rather not recall,
But in presidential ratings Trump is rated worst of all.

As for Britain they cannot forget the glory of their past,
Or face the fact this dominance was destined not to last.
So from Europe they’re departing, but I think they must confess
That doing so embroils them in a most unholy mess.

Moreover their departure means the E.U. now must face
An unfortunate erosion of its democratic base
For in Poland and some others in the European east
The fight for free expression doesn’t matter in the least. 

In Mexico they’re finding that the latest President
Can’t overcome the cartels though his programs are well meant.
And Bolsenaro in Brazil feeds his forests to the fire,
While Donald Trump commends him as a leader to admire

Modi thinks that India should be a Hindu state,
Yet a seventh of his people to Mohamed dedicate.
When your total population is a billion plus point four
It doesn’t pay minorities so massive to ignore.

Of democracies in trouble I could make a longer list.
Some say that populism we simply can’t resist.
But I like to think historians in future will have found
In November 2020 we started turning it around.












Posted on Saturday, November 09, 2019 (Archive on Friday, August 05, 2022)



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