And so we come to a move toward impeachment, which
requires satirists to work especially hard to distinguish their

assessments from the sheer absurdity of the reality.

          The Onion has Trump praying before a portrait of

himself: “Please guide me in my darkest hour Lord.”

         Andy Borowitz has Nixon in hell asking ”How has the

bastard not been impeached yet?”
    All of the late night hosts weighed in on the issue. So did many
cartoonists – though some directed their fire at the Democrats,

inevitable targets for satire since they, too, after long hesitation,

were demonstrating their ability to play the political power game.

          Here’s my take on the issue:

As we think about our system we had better not ignore
Presidential power is much greater than before.
Since the New Deal and the H-bomb it’s indubitably plain:
Power in the White House isn’t easy to contain.

 Yet Congress has a weapon that Presidents must heed.
It’s in the basic document for everyone to read.
And now they have the lesson recent history should teach:
They can be confronted by the power to impeach.

 Twice in recent history they undertook this feud.
Engaging in a bitter and acerbic interlude.
One involved a burglary, a crude and stupid crime
The other a libido that kept working overtime.

Once again we face the issue, to be answered Yea or Nay.
Should Donald Trump be ousted is the question of the day.
Mueller raised the question but wouldn’t play the part,
Said the House of Representatives was where it ought to start.

 When the House went Democratic the requirements were in place
But what exactly were the issues that the country ought to face?
Russian interference with the casting of our votes?
Trump’s venality and lies and all those racist anecdotes?  

 Some said we’ve had enough, It’s time that we began
But others said It’s premature, we need a better plan.
The public isn’t with us, it’s unlikely we would win.
Then Trump gave them the evidence that forced them to begin.

 It was just a friendly phone call to Ukraine’s new President
Asking for a favor, though a quid pro quo was meant.
Proposals for a weapons deal might possibly be hurt
Unless on Biden’s son they found some unappealing dirt.

 Well. the conversation leaked, the damage couldn’t be contained
Except as gross misconduct it could never be explained
Though a presidential spokesman said “It happens all the time,
”Get over it “, be realists, it’s simply not a crime.

 As for Trump himself I wonder, does he still not have a clue
That what he was proposing is not the thing to do?
“Our talk’, he says,” was perfect”, but the fact is it was dumb.
It was perfect for impeachment, as he’ll find in weeks to come


Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 (Archive on Monday, July 18, 2022)



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