August has been yet another month in which the Trumpian reality is indistinguishable from the satire. There was his upsetting the most devoted American friends of Israel by his compelling the cancellation of a visit to Israel by two pro-Palestinian members of Congress; his on-and-off again trade war with China; his hurt feelings when the Danish prime muiniste curtly ended his suggestion that the U.S. might buy Greenland; his reported, repeated suggestion that nuclear bombs might be used against hurricanes; all contributing to the return to cable TV of psychiatrists convinced that he is emotionally unfit to rule.

          And it all had to be in the minds of the G7 leaders compelled to appear with Trump on television. There has been much congratulatory talk of how skillfully France's Emmanuel Macron handled Trump. Otherwise the G7 meeting was notable for the following:

 The G7 is a body diplomatic
That the US always meets with once a year.
 It’s membership’s entirely democratic.
Though Russia made it eight before Crimea.

 Trump is clearly not enthusiastic,
He thinks Russia should be back within the fold.
But the others think that step would be too drastic
On Putin they’re reluctant to be sold.

 Now another touchy issue is appearing
In 20/20 it’s the U.S. turn to host
And Trump, it seems, is personally steering
To a golf resort he’s lauding as the most.

 In Florida this property’s terrific!
The hope for something better would be slim.
On its merits he would gladly be specific
For this property, you see, belongs to him.

 But what if this proposal is rejected
On ethical or any other grounds?
Then I think a bolder move can be expected
 However unconventional it sounds.

 For why continue in this sad association
With a group that doesn’t understand his goals?
That isn’t so afraid of immigration
And of bureaucratic, socialist controls?

 Instead he might design a new connection
That is more than just a forum for debate
Of leaders who’ll provide a strong direction
That is guaranteed to make their countries great.

 Egypt’s Sissi and the Phillipine’s Duterte
And Turkey’s Erdogan they will include.
Though Democrats will call it down and dirty
With Putin there’ll no longer be a feud.

 There are other candidates a-plenty.
Like Bolsonaro, now the leader of Brazil,
Who agrees with Trump against the cognoscente.
Their talk of climate change he’d like to kill.

 These are not the kind of allies we’ve been used to.
Free countries have been allies in the main.
But it’s a different kind of friends we’re introduced to  
If Trump should be elected once again.




Posted on Sunday, September 01, 2019 (Archive on Saturday, May 28, 2022)



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