The shouted demands of Trump supporters at a rally to “send her back” -- that is, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar back to Somalia,, her country of origin --   produced an equivocal response from Donald Trump. But he had already invited the four members of the congressional “squad” of bitter critics, all women of color, to go back home  though the other three were American born.)

            The Onion solicited reader responses to the charge that Trump is racist, to which one responded: “As a Trump supporter, I’m insulted by the implication that my white nationalism needs stoking.” Another complained:  “It’s ridiculous that we’re calling Trump’s comments racist just bcause they seek to isolate and vilify someone based on their race.”

            Andy Borowitz had the four Congresswomen urging Trump “to go back to Russia”; while Trump simply denied he was even present at the contentious rally.

            And John Oliver took us back to Charlottsville, wondering how it was possible for an American politician to ignore the opportunity to establish his non-racist credentials by condemning the Nazi demonstrators.

            As I see it:

Here’s a question Trump is raising with his presidential Tweets
That some believe are leading to political defeats.
He’s accused of being racist and the charges multiply,
To which, of course, indignantly, he offers this reply:

As President I’ve always tried  set a proper tone.
In my body, I assure you. I have not a single bone
That might lead you to consider that your color or your race
Would influence my judgment any time or any place.

As a candidate for President, from the first initial phase,
The KKK and David Duke were fervent in their praise
It’s up to them, he said, to choose the one that they prefer.
In any case he didn’t know exactly who they were.

In Charlottsville when fascists shouted insults at the Jews,
To criticize them harshly Trump decided to refuse.
“Both sides” had people who he thought were ” very fine”.
That isn’t racist, just a plea to take an even-handed line.

Judge Curiel tried cases on Trump U and on his wall.
Said Trump: but he’s a Mexican, not one of us at all.
You’d think he’d check his facts out as he entered that debate.
The judge was born in Indiana. Isn’t that a U.S. state?

Our need for immigration he sees as so much bull.
It’s time, he says, to recognize our country now is full.
Though from Norway, for example, their quota still is high,
If you’re from a “shithole country”, just don’t bother to apply

In Congress he insulted in a most abrasive tone
Four women of a color that was different from his own. 
"Go back to where you started," he lectured them with scorn ,
Though all but one it turned out in America were born.

So put it all together, can we say without a doubt
That prejudice is simply not what Trump is all about?
Well, given my examples, here’s the answer I endorse:
Is our President a racist? The answer is OF COURSE.

Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 (Archive on Monday, April 18, 2022)



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