The British ambassador to the United States, Kim Darroch, has resigned after his caustic e-mails on Trump were leaked to a tabloid newspaper, Trump would no longer deal with him, and the initial reaction of prospective prime minister, Boris Johnson, was critical of Darroch (though later he turned to support).  
          On the other hand, the outgoing prime minister, Theresa May, consistently spoke highly of Darroch; but Andy Borowitz has her complaining that she “has been unable to find a replacement for Darroch who does not also think that Donald J. Trump is a blitherimg idiot.”         

My sentiments exactly:

If communication methods
You are aiming to compile
Understatement is the usual
\British correspondence style.

 Yet ambassador Kim Darroch
When he e-mailed the UK
Pulled no punches when on Trump
He had impressions to convey:

 “Uniquely he’s dysfunctional”,
He’s “clumsy and inept”,
And many other notions
In a similar respect.

 Well, such notions are quite commonplace
That few of us must shun.
But in public for ambassadors
It simply isn’t done.

 Of course he didn’t think
The world would know what he had said,
That every word that he had written
Would by masses soon be read

 For if secrecy’s a way of life
You’d like to see prevail,
Make sure that you’re not published
Iin the tabloid Daily Mail.

 Trump, of course, was angry,
Using Tweets for his reply:
 “He’s a pompous fool’, “he’s nasty”
“He’s a very stupid guy”.

 And whenTrump then said with Darroch
He just wouldn’t deal at all,
The Ambassador for Britain
Saw the writing on the wall.

 in case of there persisting
Any slight remaining doubt,
Boris Johnson made some comments
That convinced him he was out.

 My conclusion from this story
Is offensive and uncouth.
In the age of Trump and Johnson
Please don’t bother with the truth.

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2019 (Archive on Sunday, April 10, 2022)



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