The first two Democratic debates were widely

panned because each included ten participants, several unknown to

most of us. Some critics attacked them for a general movement to

the left. Trump, on the other hand, chortled at an NBC technical

glitch during the first debate. In his turn he was targeted by Andy

Borowitz: “Millions of viewers of a televised debate found

themselves struggling with the notion of a President with no

visible personality disorder.”   

          As I see it:   

So far I’m disappointed in the Democratic drama.
No FDR or JFK and no-one like Obama.
Although, of course, it’s difficult, declare the cognoscenti,
To make a strong impression when you’re merely one of twenty.

 It’s true Kamela Harris made Joe Biden seem deflated
But think about the issue that she thought should be debated.
I fear that it may prove to be archaic and myopic --
Choosing busing as the most important twenty-twenty topic.

 Health insurance is a question that has caused some consternation.
It’s connected to their jobs for over half the population.
Does “Medicare for All” mean the end of this connection?
That debate will be continued beyond the next election.

Nonetheless there is an issue which unites all the debaters,
Old-time politicians or else first-time aspirators.
In his drive toward calamity he’ll take us even faster.
So to lose to Donald Trump would be an absolute disaster

Posted on Saturday, July 06, 2019 (Archive on Friday, April 01, 2022)



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