For over two years now he has a record lacking luster
Communicated nightly through Tweets and empty bluster.
Truth and honesty are virtues he’s deliberately wrecking,
Ten thousand lies already say the folks who do fact checking!

 On foreign policy our allies he has constantly derided,
And with Putin, Sisi, Erdogan it seems he’s always sided.
The agreement with Iran he has totally suspended.
Obama had endorsed it so it clearly must be ended.

But wait! Before we move to reprimand and condemnation,
Consider first his latest case of reconsideration.
When Iran shot down our drone and his advisors said: Go to it,
At first he said he would, but then decided not to do it.

For this the doves could only shower him with praises,
Suggesting, after all, that hopes for peace are what he raises.
Nonetheless as we review a world that’s clearly so unsettled,
Will he be quite so pacific the next time that he’s nettled?

There’s yet another issue, and facing it’s essential.
The climate now is changing with an impact existential.
Yet Donald Trump denies it, he defies the cognoscenti --
Which is all you need to know for that vote in twenty-twenty.


Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2019 (Archive on Wednesday, March 23, 2022)



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