So here we are with the redacted Mueller report which provides Trump and Attorney-General Barr material for a verdict of Not Guilty, and to their critics abundant support for Impeachment Now!  
          Satirists, of course leaped gleefully on the accusatory data. The Onion’s “Biggest Revelations from the Mueller Report” included:
“The president has lied on at least one occasion”;
““Mueller didn’t subpoena Trump or testimony because his lies under oath wouldn’t add any new information on the investigation””
“Mueller determined that Trump committed crimes, but declined to make a decision on whether doing crimes is bad.”
.         Andy Borowitz reported that “Putin, after a hellish all-nighter”,was “almost finished redacting Robert Mueller’s report in time for its release.” Moreover:
“Trump’s lawyers argue that he cannot be impeached because he was never actually elected.’
          Late night host Jimmy Kimmel reported the President’s comment in the report that Mueller’s appointment  “would be the end of his presidency and that he was ****ed.” Of course, he was wrong. It wasn’t the end of his presidency, and it’s us that are effed.”

In which case. what should we do?

The suspense at last is over, Mueller published his report.
But on what to do about it he came up a little short.
Repeatedly he showed us that the President had lied
But removing him from from office – that’s for others to decide.

 Well, some Democratic candidates are eager to proceed.
Impeachment is the issue on which they’ll take  the lead.
Even though with Clinton it had ultimately failed
Trump is worse than Nixon, and with Nixon it prevailed.

Yet many party leaders say it’s not the way to go
They don’t rule it out completely but their interest is low.
They remind us in the Senate it continues to be true
Republicans are Trumpists except for one or two.

And they warn against a backlash when it’s time to make a choice
In November twenty-twenty when we hear the people’s voice.
Still, I’ll favor any strategy, however it’s begun,
As long as he’s not President from twenty-twenty-one.

























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