“We are full”, Trump declares, an amazing  conclusion,
Another example of hopeless confusion.
The notion of immigrant drastic curtailing
Is yet one more instance of commonsense failing.

 The fact is that far from the fear that was stated
Of numbers so large that we’ve been inundated,
The totals we muster are not getting bigger,
For which I refer you to one simple figure.

 2.1 children’s the number to render
For most of our folk of the feminine gender.
But the figure today offers no silver lining.
It’s below.1.8 and it still is declining.

So what does this mean for the topic in question?
In the cities we’d welcome declining congestion.
But unhappily soon we will find we’re engaging
In the process of losing the war against aging.

Who’ll dig the ditches when energy’s failing?
Harvest corn, drive the trucks, and tend to the ailing?
Who’ll pay the taxes supporting our pensions,
As well as creating new breakthrough inventions?

From the time we began as an émigré nation
We’ve taken in folks who have fled deprivation.
And you won’t find a message whose kindness surpasses
Lady Liberty’s welcome to sad, huddled masses.

So instead of proceeding in anger and blindness
If we base our self-interest clearly on kindness.
Our problems I think we can readily master
Instead of a great Donald Trumpist disaster.

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 (Archive on Monday, January 10, 2022)



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