For many months we waited, the rumors didn’t tire.
When Mueller was completed would the consequence be dire?
Well, the summary from Barr is most unlikely to appall:
Our President we’re told is no colluder after all.

 So now he is triumphant, it has energized his base.
After losses in the mid-terms he is right back in the race.
He believes he’s vindicated, that he always will remain
A charismatic leader who will make us great again.

 And yet I have to doubt that he is all that he should be.
When I think of Trump with Putin being friendly on TV
.Moreover there's a question for the Trumpist planning team: 
When did they stop discussion on the Moscow building scheme?

 On the question of obstruction there is much they’ve yet to say
The report is inconclusive, there’ll be more another day.
Jumping to conclusions is a fault we should resist,
But until we see the full report I’ll keep it on the list.

 Moreover there are charges Mueller wasn’t asked about.
Is Donald Trump a racist? On that there is no doubt.
Of course his views on women are pernicious and they’re crude.
Giving rise to all those lawsuits on which he’s still pursued.

Does he ever read a briefing? Must he stubbornly refuse
To reach for information not provided by Fox News?
Must he always be so careless is his dealing with the truth?
Why does he treat his critics in a manner so uncouth?

 These questions are much bigger than a prosecutor’s scope.
They’re for all of us to ponder and to offer us the hope
When we vote in twenty twenty a new message will be sent: 
There’s no need of special counsels for a different President.


Posted on Sunday, March 31, 2019 (Archive on Saturday, December 25, 2021)



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