Michael Cohen, a long-time Trump handler, has been all
over the news, and a target of every satirist, this past week. As his Republican interlocuters have argued, he is  famous for his casual acquaintance with the truth. 
          But does this mean that his alleged revelations about the President should be dismissed? This was suggested by a cartoon showing Cohen sprouting a long Pinoccio nose. However, another cartoon showed the Pinoccio nose on Trump. Most of the satire, in fact, was directed at the President. Andy Borowitz, for example, had Sarah Huckabee scolding Cohen for “not being willing to put in the hard work, practice and sheer drudgery  of becoming a great liar”, while North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is left “doubting whether Trump can be trusted,”
I put it this way:

Republicans were furious, their onslaught wouldn’t quit.
“Liar, liar, pants on fire” (that’s their idea of wit).
They made the case that Cohen from his very early youth
Had obviously never been acquainted with the truth.

On the other hand he knows that if his honesty should fail
The consequence would clearly be a few more years in jail.
However, it’s quite different for the man that he’s attacked
Who never learned to separate the fiction from the fact.

Calling Trump a liar I admit is rather crude.
Let’s call it “terminological inexactitude”.
But however you define it and from where it may be sprung
It’s a terrible example to be setting for the young.

Yet constantly Trump settled on a tactic of deceit
There’s no limit to the times of his continuing to cheat.
His inaugural, he claimed, brought the greatest ever throng
Though photos prove it wasn’t, he still won’t admit he’s wrong.

Fact checkers keep on counting all the errors he has made
The falsehoods number thousands and the number doesn’t fade.
 So if you’ve looked at all the data I believe that you must find           
As a brilliant con artist he leaves Cohen far behind.                                       

Posted on Friday, March 08, 2019 (Archive on Thursday, December 02, 2021)



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