David Cameron decided it was time to bring an end
To the members of his party’s anti-European trend.
So he called a referendum, but amazing to relate
Leaving Europe was the winner, 52 to 48.

Cameron resigned, succeeded by Theresa May
Who convened a new election, but it’s not too much to say
It was yet another blunder with a very painful cost
For in the House of Commons her majority was lost..

 Nonetheless she didn’t falter, she was plucky, she was game.
Though the obstacles were many she persisted just the same.
At last she said “I’ve done it, with Brussels I’ve agreed.
Now parliamentary backing is the only thing I need.”

But once again the issue, when subjected to a vote,
Ended on a massively unfavorable note.
Though governmental measures are sometimes known to fail
No-one could remember a defeat on such a scale.

You would think that for Theresa this must surely be too much
With the MPs in her party she was clearly out of touch.
Still the Labour leader’s chances of replacing her were slim
The party line will always favor her instead of him.                                                 

So Theresa’s still prime minister but what next can she do?
Another referendum? That’s a plan she won’t pursue.
With so many different answers to what it’s all about,
Will they leave without a treaty and just go crashing out?

But that’s a drastic outcome most are anxious to avoid.
If that’s the way it ended they’d be very much annoyed.
And as far as we’re concerned we would sadly have to say
They’re almost as benighted as America today.



Posted on Saturday, January 19, 2019 (Archive on Friday, October 15, 2021)



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