How very annoying! Just as we were getting ready to welcome the emergence of Saudi Arabia into the 21st century, its new leader adopted the merciless ruling methodology of the 16th century, arranging for the execution of a U.S. based Saudi journalist while he was visiting a consulate in Turkey. The Onion pounced, quoting the Crown Prince as admitting to an unfortunate mismanagement of ‘what was supposed to be a straightforward, routine execution.” As for Trump’s reaction, the magazine quotes him as suggesting that “the only way to find out what happened at the Saudi consulate is to send in more journalists one at a time.”

          Cartoonists weighed in. One showed a corpse being loaded into a van with a woman driver. Another joined the Crown Prince, Putin, Xi Jinping and Trump in a joyful celebration: “We Are the World.”

          I sum it up this way:

The Saudis are excited, a new era is arriving
It’s amazing! It’s unheard of! Saudi women now are driving
The Crown prince is determined to create a modern era.
Unhappily his methods just became a little clearer.

A disapproving journalist was mercilessly fated
Not merely to be murdered but to be disintegrated.
Which suggests that in the kingdom there is something truly rotten,
But they’re allies so I fear this tale will quickly be forgotten.

At least as far as Trump’s concerned we shouldn’t get excited
We can’t be sure who did it, to condemn would be benighted.
So don’t talk to him of sanctions even if they should be lying
And concentrate instead on all our armaments they’re buying.

           I should add that none of this could appear inside Saudi

Arabia; where the public prosecutor has announced that on line

satire that “disrupts public order’ will be punished by up to five

years in prison.

Posted on Saturday, December 08, 2018 (Archive on Friday, September 03, 2021)



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