Once more we reel in horror at the latest breaking news.
This time the tragic victims are cut down because they’re Jews.
And many say the shooter’s not the only one to blame
It’s Donald Trump’s divisiveness that ought to share the shame.

 Is Trump an anti-Semite? I doubt that that’s the case.
In his administration Jewish folk are commonplace
His support for Israel’s policies is constant and intense.
The conversion of Ivanka gives us still more evidence.

 Yet when fascist thugs were marching in the streets of  Charlottesville,
Shouting “Jews will not replace us”, and the blood began to spill,
Trump was totally judicious, took a balanced, careful line.
On both sides, he assured us, some were clearly “very fine.”

 Moreover, he has told us, he won’t leave the slightest doubt
If you come from “shithole countries”, we just have to keep you out.
But when politicians fill the air with gross and racist views
In time, as Pittsburgh tells us, there’ll be trouble for the Jews.


Posted on Thursday, November 01, 2018 (Archive on Wednesday, July 28, 2021)



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