The struggle over Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court was as bitter as the earlier fight over Clarence Thomas – with the same result. provoking a tsunami of ridicule by satirists.

          Andy Borowitz, noting the cursory FBI investigation, reported that across the nation criminals were demanding the same kind of scrutiny; and he reported Kavanaugh’s disappointment that the Supreme Court has no happy hour.

          The Onion’s case for confirming Kavanagh included: “Will interprete the law using framers’ original intent of unlimited executive power”;  and: “Made it through entire hearing without perjuring himself more than a couple times.”

Stephen Colbert released a fake Kavanagh beer ad: “A perfect beer for the judge who doesn’t want to be judged; a beer that “will give you a hangover that lasts a lifetime appointment.”

          And cartoonists weighed in with a Kavanagh “Get out of jail free card…to be kept until Mueller files charges”; Kavanagh as Trump’s lap dog; and, most brutally, Lady Justice being sexually assaulted by the appointment process.   

          As I see it:

It’s over. It’s completed. The expected deed is done.
On Kavanaugh’s appointment the Republicans have won.
His defense was controversial, his demeanor was uncouth,
And he wasn’t too convincing on those questions from his youth.

His victory was narrow, the battle fiercely fought.
The outcome has determined the direction of the Court.
Now that he’s appointed he may be more circumspect
But concern for #MeToo causes won’t be easy to detect.

Posted on Friday, October 12, 2018 (Archive on Thursday, July 08, 2021)



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