WHAT A WEEK!


          Last week’s breaking news brought us one example after another of the dire condition of the Trump presidency. First came the glowing tributes by past Presidents at the funeral of Trump’s arch critic, John McCain. Then the legal setbacks of two of Trump’s long-time associates, followed by a damning book by Bob Woodward, supported by an unsigned op. ed. article in the New York Times by a member of the administration.

`         As for the McCain funeral, Trump was not invited. How could he be? During the primaries he had sneered at McCain’s war record with the comment, repeated over and over by commentators covering the funeral: “He was a hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”  In the past such a comment would have immediately ended the speaker’s political career. But these are grosser times. However, satirists were not ready to forgive. Allan Ishak’s on-line column gave McCain the last laugh: “I like Presidents who aren’t assholes.”

          Then cartoonists celebrated the guilty plea of one former Trump associate and a jury’s guilty verdict against another. The New Yorker’cover of the week by cartoonist Barry Blitt showed a pack of hounds closing in on a fearful Donald Trump.

          And when staff members eagerly assured the world that they were not the culprit who had written the damning unsigned article, cartoonist Bob Gorrel drew an exultant Trump: “Great News! WH staff says they got my back !”, while four daggers are embedded in his back.

          All in all, a dreadful week for Trump, a fine week for Democrats. Except for one other item of news that kept intruding – the coverage of the Senate hearings on Brett Kavanaugh’s prospective appointmen to the United States Supreme Court.

          As I see it:    

On McCain and his war record, Trump’s attitude was dire:
“People who weren’t captured are the type that I admire.”
Yet the only mighty battles that Trump had every fought
Were six times he had his lawyers prove him bankrupt in a court.

 The news continued breaking on the passing of McCain
And except for Fox their comments were an anti-Trump refrain.
Next followed two indictments of Trump helpers. One confessed,
The other faced a jury but he didn’t pass the test.                                               

 Then to make it obvious the furor wouldn’t stop
Bob Woodward wrote a book about the turmoil at the top.
And that received endorsement of a slightly different kind --
A New York Times opinion piece that nobody had signed.

 Some said this was courageous, someone has to stay in place
To prevent a crazy action that could harm the human race
But if we’re learn precisely what we have a right to know
Being open and transparent is the only way to go.

 This debate I doubt will settle down, it surely will get worse.
Within the White House now there’ll be  a witch-hunt quite perverse.
Nonetheless Trump’s rating willl continue to decline.
Which for Democrats in mid-terms is a favorable sign.

 Unhappily while these events continue to unfold
Every day another story by the media is told.
For Kavanaugh’s appointment will cause Democrats to fret
At least to 2050 and maybe later yet.








Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 (Archive on Monday, June 07, 2021)



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