FARTHER STILL BEYOND SATIRE
Trump remains the incredulous target of the satirists. Yet their’s is no easy task. For their tools are the absurd, the ridiculous, the ludicrous, and in his everyday conduct Trump is all of these. Moreover, he is adept at taking the charges to which his most vulnerable –his habitual lying, his casual approach to the law and to constitutional norms – and turning them against his opponents.

          Still, the satirists have to keep trying. John Oliver, in one of his weekly reviews, featured a “Trnmp v. Truth” poster and discussed his “40-year history of bullshit”, including a solemn analysis of an alleged “GDP below zero.” The Onion had Trump ordering the execution of turkeys pardoned by Obama. And Andy Borowitz headlines declared: “Californians Puzzled by Trump’s Failure to Blame Wildfires on Hillary”; and “Republicans Accuse Rosenstein of Secretly Plotting to Uphold Constitution,”

          Here are my own observations:

     Truth is not a virtue that for Trump is very dear
     Fact finders say he tells at least a thousand lies a year.
      But he claims this criticism is a liberal mistakeI
      It’s the media whose product is a demonstrated fake.         

      Whenever he’s accused of acting contrary to law
      He doesn’t say he’s sorry, he won’t do it any more.
      He’s not inclined to drink from any penitential cup.
      Instead he leads the crowd in “ Lock ‘er up! Lock-'er up!” 

      Impeachment? He’s all for it; the threat he doesn’t shun.
      It’s in the Constitution and he’ll do what must be done.
      In the House he has supporters with a brilliant design:
     The rule of law they’re backing by impeaching Rosenstein.
      His critics say he doesn’t seem to know what he’s about. 
      Everything he does is upside down or inside out.
      And yet his base stays with him for better or for worse. 
      They’ve entered into Donald Trump’s alternate universe





Posted on Friday, August 10, 2018 (Archive on Thursday, May 06, 2021)



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