If you’re looking for a source of news that passes any test
Fox News, says Rupert Murdoch, in the US is the best.
And in Britain, he will tell you, that when all is said and done
The paper to rely on every day must be The Sun.

 So when Trump arrived in Britain he allowed of no delay.
In The Sun he gave an interview to guide Theresa May.
Her Brexit plan was awful, she was in a losing fight.
Boris Johnson, her main rival, was the one who’d do it right.

 Next day Trump saw the interview was clearly a mistake,
And so, of course, he told us that the story was a fake.
He could not believe the bias in the story that he read.
Then they produced a tape that proved exactly what he’d said.

 So now he changed his tune,Theresa May is truly great.
Our relationship is special, we hardly need to state.
We’ve never had a stronger, closer transatlantic link.
But in the streets they’re telling Trump exactly what they think.



Posted on Sunday, July 15, 2018 (Archive on Saturday, April 10, 2021)



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