We’re watching what I find to be a most depressing drama
The removal of the legacy constructed by Obama.
Day by day and step by step it’s being torn to tatters
For Trump it’s an obsession, the only thing that matters.

Rules and regulations for protecting the consumer
Are regarded as a deadly kind of economic tumor.
Banking limitations are subjected to regression
Which could set us on the way to yet another great recession.

Climate change? We helped produce a global recognition,
Of moving very quickly to a sensible position.
Now we’re the only nation still in obstinate defiance
Of the overwhelming data that’s contributed by science.

Iran’s another issue where we led a combination
Of countries who were trying to prevent a conflagration.
But now we’ve changed our minds and we’ve proceeded to advise them
If they dare to contradict us we will have to penalize them.

Yet there’s another program that no-one is forgetting:
Obamacare they call it which to Trump is most upsetting.
To the legislative graveyard they’re not able to consign it
 So step by step we’ll find that they’ll  proceed to undermine it.

But later when we do our presidential estimating,
Obama, I believe, will get a favorable rating
Whereas Trump for all his bluster and his boasting and his preening
Will leave behind a legacy that’s totally demeaning.

Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 (Archive on Tuesday, February 09, 2021)



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