TRUMP’S RULES 

On interpreting our system there are many different schools,
But Donald Trump is following unprecedented rules.
He’s full of contradictions but consistency he finds
Is a virtue that’s appropriate to very little minds.

Thus his Tweets tell us repeatedly in tones that seem uncouth
The media, except for Fox, don’t bother with the truth.
And yet fact checkers show us – this is hardly a surprise –
In a year or so he’s told us at least a thousand lies.

Gun control? Forget it, it’s a tactic based on fear.
The answer? Arm the teachers, that solution’s very clear.
But when Trump or Pence are chosen to address the NRA
The audience is told they have to put their guns away.

Impeachment? That’s an idea that is clearly overdue,
So his minions in the Congress know just what they have to do.
To defend the Constitution they can’t  possibly decline.
Delay is not an option, they’re impeaching Rosenstein!

Posted on Thursday, May 03, 2018 (Archive on Wednesday, January 27, 2021)



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