Many of you have read this Blog for years.  It kept Len alive and with fervent purpose.  And it is each of his readers that kept him going every day well into his nineties.  It is with much sadness that I must tell you that Len has passed away after a long and fulfilling life.

I was well aware that every time I said goodbye to him for the last number of years it may be the last. 

This wasn't his first rodeo with illness. Over the years Len had been in and out of the hospital for various things, usually lung related.  The sadness this time was harder; due to Covid we could not be with him.   This time when I got off the phone with him it was different.  His voice was barely audible.  This from a man who used to teach in front of 500 students and did not need a microphone.

For those of you wondered how he could be so motivated to continually write, and what life inspirations drove him, please find my best effort at giving you a glimpse into an extraordinary life.

I read somewhere your grief never goes away, but your life gets bigger, so your sadness doesn't feel as big.  I miss you, Len.

Ode to Len

His father gasps. In WW1 he did not wear masks.

His High School Burns. The bombs dropped by Germany are of great concern.

In the Army he shall proceed.  Conquering Germany by 1945 Indeed.

Playing political satire for the troops. Not so good at the guitar whoops.

Off to LSE he must go.  Need to try and make some dough.

From his education the Americans must learn. They do not understand for what they yearn.

To the young he will teach political science.   Also, tell them a bit about the British Alliance.

One day a beautiful girl born Liz. His loving daughter who sings like a wiz.

They say he should be a Dean.  Guess he should accept, don’t want to make a scene.

At UCLA met Vivian.  Looks like he may be smitten.

With a family she did come.  They are all crazy, what has he done?

Retirement has come his way. Though from political science he will not stray.

Learn to write a blog he did.  Not bad for a 90 year old kid.

Trump has not been re-elected as he looks down from the heavens.  Otherwise he would come back and haunt you for your transgressions.

Your Son, Steve

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